Doug Aldrich Logo

Doug Aldrich is a graphic artist focused in hand painted signs and murals; while based out of NYC. His work ranges in original interior/exterior murals, window lettering and designs, hand painted signs and gilding. From startup and independent storefront businesses to larger agency and corporate work, Doug Aldrich works both big and small. For best results, design is typically done in house, leading to painted installation.

Clients include: Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Disney+, Fifa, Converse, Adidas, Patagonia, Sweet Chick, Six Point Brewery, Hendricks Gin, Club Monaco, Flight Club, Calexico, Noah, Fluent, OkayPlayer, Team Epiphany, and many more local NY-based businesses.

**All project inquiries can be submitted to

Gilding the updated logo for Archigrafika’s rebrand of Pete’s Tavern NYC.

Working Process


The first step is to contact us. We will listen to your project ideas, discuss your budget and start the Mural Proposal.


The second step is to agree on the design presented. After the sketch is approved, we will adjust and agree on the Mural Proposal.


The third step is to coordinate the painting dates and logistics. Then the painting begins.